14 October, 2009

Pathologic - Heritage


Day 2, my reputation more or less redeemed (some people - particularly the Subarovs - still do not trust me), I was able to receive my father's heritage, in the form of a lock box containing various twyre plants and a couple recipes (note: these are herbs with medicinal properties). Since certain families (*cough* the Subarovs *cough*) want my head, the Olgimskiys introduced me to my father's secret laboratory, hidden in one of the factories. I can not only hide there, but follow in the footsteps of my father via his chemical research. There is a machine that crushes mixtures of herbs (selected by me) into Twyrine extract, and another machine whose purpose I've yet to learn. The Twyrine extract is an immunity booster, its effectiveness as well as its health risks dependent upon the chosen mixture of herbs used in its extraction (hence the importance of the recipes).

I discussed my heritage with the Bachelor, and he's convinced that my work could be crucial to the eventual development of a Panacea. I'm not sure how it'll work out, but he mentioned something about treating organs or blood cultures with the extract in order to produce a vaccine. I've still got some learning to do, though.

I also figured out what those tents out on the Steppe are for. They are bases for the Worms who are Gatherers, who collect various twyre plants from the fields of the Steppe. They have some religion where they believe that twyre is the reward for nourishing the earth with blood. I can collect twyre plants myself, combing the fields (if you keep your eyes on the horizon as you walk, you'll see the pickable plants rise up taller than the others), but it's tedious and can only get you so far. The Gatherers presumably have stores of twyre, and will trade them for samples of blood.

Meanwhile, Andrei sent me a note, and I visited him at the Tavern - he was there with his brother Petr. Apparently, he buys twyre, and he's willing to pay me a nice sum for ten stems of brown twyre. That's a lot of twyre, though, and I'm not sure I can pull through. I need to find a blood source. Preferably one that doesn't involve the slaying of innocents. The two sources the Gatherer mentioned haven't helped. One being the Hump, who only trades for organs, which means I'd need something in the first place (and I already traded what organs I picked up to him for medical supplies), and the other being some Circle which wasn't described very well, but if it's where I think it is, it's currently abandoned.

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