04 October, 2009

Pathologic - Jailbreak


Day 5 saw the jailing of a lot of people in the crowded Town Council. Saburov, who's over-vigilant about security, and is head of the guards in town, explained that all were jailed justly, being threats to town safety, brandishing weapons and whatnot (unfortunately, it seems my success against the renegade muggers the day before had inspired Saburov's over-zealousness). On the other hand, according to the Kains, who are among my adherents (and who I am therefore obligated to believe), many innocent people were jailed merely for taking up weapons in self-defense, considering the state of emergency the town is under. So I had to go behind Saburov's back and bribe the prison guard to let the prisoners out. It cost me a good $60,000. Luckily, that money was funded by the Kains, Young Vlad, and the Hump-man.

The Hump-man is apparently a carnival worker (or owner, I suppose, since he's freaking rich), and has some past connections with Anna Angel (though they don't seem to get along). I agreed to Anna's plan to trick the Hump-man into giving us hundreds of thousands of dollars (no fooling), and surprisingly, he seemed all too eager to pay out (he gave me 10,000 as a down payment, before I even did anything). I just had to help him find his pseudo-daughter/lover (apparently he stole her from her family long ago) who hadn't come home since the night before. Turns out she was dancing naked at the local tavern, but didn't want Hump-man to know, anticipating his jealousy. She didn't really want to go back, nor let him know where she'd been, but we agreed to meet up in the evening (at nine o'clock) to visit Hump-man together. More on that in a bit.

Rubin, the town doctor, who has been studying the disease, and trying to work out a cure all this time, was making progress. But he needed me to secure a living infected heart, for him to take cell samples from. Look, I don't need to tell you the difficulty of procuring living cells from the still-beating heart of an infected person, do I? Especially in a town with a superstition against cutting into a person's body? He suggested I get help from the Haruspicus (one of the other two playable characters) that he's been working with. The Haruspicus seems to have good intentions, but all I've heard about him from most of the townsfolk are rumors about how he's a "Ripper" (since he cuts into people's bodies for his science/medicine) or how he's the murderer or somehow behind the disease. At any rate, he had been captured and jailed in Saburov's recent sweep, so I had to find first where he was being held, and then strike a deal with Gryph's thieves to break him out (since, considering the nature of this prisoner, there would be no bribing him out). I'm a little concerned because I didn't really have enough money to pay Gryph for the lives of his thieves. He took the job anyway, but now I'm kind of scared he's gonna turn on me for not paying up or something. I had to kill one of the guards in the assault, taking the first inevitable hit to my reputation meter, but it wasn't too serious - nothing a few slain muggers couldn't rectify. With the Haruspicus free, he agreed to meet me in the infected district to procure a beating heart in the evening at nine o'clock.

Uh-oh. I was supposed to meet the Hump-man's daughter at nine, too. Crap. Lucky for me, the meeting place for both was in the same spot. Ok, I can pull this off. I have no idea how, but I can pull it off. You know, I really should have seen it coming, but I'll tell you, I was shocked and very disappointed (maybe it was my sympathy for naked dancers, or maybe it was just the money) when I showed up to procure my beating heart from none other than the Hump-man's daughter's infected and freshly carved body...

Well, rushing the heart back to Rubin's lab, he was able to develop a vaccine, finally, although it only works for a certain period of time, before wearing off. At least it's a step in the right direction. But then I had to go and bring the bad news to the Hump-man. Luckily, he saw that it wasn't my fault, but he was quite angry, and vowed to round up an army to wreak havoc against the town (he believes that his daughter had been infected by the malicious will of the townsfolk). Sure enough, the next day, he's attacking the Apiary with an army of fighters armed with Molotov cocktails. And guess who's got the job of restoring the peace?

So a lot of money slipped through my hands during the course of Day 5, but sadly, I ended the day with less than I had begun it with. And food prices keep going up each day. ;_;

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