17 October, 2009

Pathologic - Intrigue


Day 7 - The Inquisitor Arrives

As expected, the Bachelor's artificial assimilation of human and bull antibodies was a failure. With the Inquisitor's arrival, the town has to answer for its failure to deal with the epidemic thus far. I was advised to speak to her early, before others had a chance to smear my name, but she led me on a wild goose chase across town (surprise surprise). First I spoke with Mother Keeper in the main section of the Apiary, whom the Inquisitor had gone to first. By the way, The Apiary is now fully open.

Mother Keeper told me of the Elder Oyun - the Elder of the Order, who inhabits the Abattoir - and his sacrifice the previous night. She also mentioned the bull that was sacrificed by the Gatherers (that I had a hand in). Apparently, their sacrifice was actually a sacrilege, resulting in the crossing of Lines. But I talked to the Gatherers who were hiding in the other section of the Apiary, and they assured me that their sacrifice was all according to plan. They mentioned something about a being that was summoned by their sacrifice, who would serve to be the true sacrifice. I informed Mother Keeper of their side of the story, and she began to suspect that maybe the Elder's sacrifice was the fake one. So is this Elder good or bad? Friend or foe?

I tracked the Inquisitor back to the makeshift jail in the Town Council, where I learned of her brand of swift justice. Although you ought to expect such a thing from an "inquisitor". This in turn led me to the Hump's house. Considering my dealings with the Hump - him being involved in the blood trade, as well as him being responsible for the arsonists (the guys wielding Molotov cocktails) who terrorize the town - I was concerned that certain unfavorable details about my activities might come to light. Arriving at the Hump's house, there were some dead arsonists, and some enraged townsfolk, but no Hump. I hope she didn't kill him...

I was directed to speak to Victor Kain before finally meeting up with the Inquisitor back at her makeshift home base, the Cathedral. Victor warned me of the Inquisitor's motives, including her connection to the Kain family, her ill will towards the Kain family, and the unstable nature of her position, as far as the Authorities are concerned. When I finally talked to the Inquisitor, she seemed pleased with my character (in between her characteristic philosophical ramblings - something about destiny and self-determination and being pawns of the Authorities), and eager to help me, despite what everybody else in town warned (although not surprising, considering my previous and similar relationship with her as the Bachelor). She seems to be a hard character to nail down. A woman with a wicked reputation, a personal grudge, and yet eerily eager to help us two/three (not sure what her relationship with the Devotress is like) out, if not anyone else in particular.

She also, in addition to wielding more uncompromised and unopposed power over the town than anyone before her, seems to know quite a bit about the town's particulars, including the confusing superstitions and folk religions. She mentioned something about "aurochs", which may just turn out to be the man-bull creature I'm looking for. Next stop - into the Abattoir, which is apparently now open to me by command of the Inquisitor.

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